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Ray Bans Replica.But cheap knockoffs are being sold throughout the country, claims the Wayfarer’s maker, Luxottica Group, and the Italy-based eyewear company is going after them with a wave of trademark infringement lawsuits in an effort to reclaim its brand.The lawsuits have been lodged in several states this year, including at least 10 filed over the past few weeks in San Diego federal court, alleging counterfeit use of the Ray-Ban and/or Wayfarer logo or name.The San Diego suits target a wide range of business, from Spencer’s novelties shops to Party City stores to discount websites to distributors.Discount Ray Bans.Last week, the “Deals” section on eBay offered a pair of classic Wayfarers for just $70. This week, the sale is on Ray-Ban Clubmasters, the third leg of the Ray-Ban stool (after Aviators and Wayfarers).The Clubmasters, introduced in the 1980s as an homage to the Browline glasses of the 1950s and 1960s, reflect the elegance and understated masculinity of mid-century America. Their return to popularity demonstrates the nostalgia this country is currently experiencing, as we yearn for the restoration of a great America.Cheap Ray Bans Sale.

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