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Cheap Replica Ray Ban Outlet.Ray-Ban’s legendary Aviator sunglasses will soon be available in an exceptionally luxurious edition, with frames made from solid 18-karat gold.Launched in 1937, Ray-Ban’s Aviator frames were initially designed for US Air Force pilots, who wore them for maximum protection from the sun’s rays on high altitude flights. Today, the brand’s Aviator model is an iconic accessory worn by men and women alike.Ray-Ban has presented a number of variations on the original design over the years, using different materials and colors. This November the brand will launch Aviators with a solid 18-karat gold frame. Replica Ray Bans Outlet.The polarized G-15 crystal lenses are also of exceptionally high quality.If your main problem is that your sunglasses slip down your nose, classic aviators are a good bet because the nose pads will keep your shades in place. But if you struggle with hitting the bottom of the frames with your cheeks, you might want a smaller lens or a totally different shape.Choosing the right sunglasses starts and ends with one word: Balance. That means if you’ve got a face that resembles a vertical almond, then you’re going to want to opt for Wayfarers (which officially are a Ray-Ban copyright, though we are using in the same way rox is synonymous with copy machine). Wayfarers have a stout shape and will counteract your head’s natural length. If you’re dome is more orange-like, then aviators, with their elongating teardrop shape, can add some length to your natural circularity.Cheap Ray Bans Sale.

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