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Ray Ban Sunglasses.You may not know this but a Childs eyesight is fully developed by the age of 13 which means it is important if not crucial that you protect there eyes from all different types of light radiation one of them being blue light. Blue light admits an energy that can have both long term and short term effects to both children and adults. Immediate effects are fatigue/dry eyes,glare,headaches,watery eyes,blurred vision where as long term effects could even lead too difficulty in sleeping,mood swings,development of cataracts and (ARMD) which stands for Age Related Macular Degeneration.Someone who works with computers will spend on average 7 hrs a day in front of a screen will watch roughly 2 hrs of tv when coming home and more than 4 hrs a day spent on there smartphones doesn’t sound like much i know but thats over 13 hrs exposed to blue light a day shocking isn’t it!!Cheap Ray Bans. but don’t panic the clever people at BLP lens tech have designed a pair of glasses that filter out harmful rays introducing Blueberry glasses the lightweight,flexible and smooth to the touch Blue Light Protection glassses thats coated with a special substance that enables the lens to block these harmfull rays you dont even have to be a glasses wearer to pull these fashionable eye savers off as they are simply there to protect your eyes kind of like what sunglasses do they come in a choice of 8 vibrant colours including blackberry, chestnut, plum, strawberry, peppermint, lime, orange juice and of course blueberry and a choice of 3 models sutible for the whole family taking care of your eyes has never been more trendy.Ray Ban Sale.

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